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Donít Wait Too Long To Call For Professional Computer Help!



I have been involved in the IT field for 28 years, and have been in the computer repair business the last 10 years.† I own a business called Daveís Computer Services, where I go into peopleís homes and offices to help them with their hardware, software and networking issues and problems.†



Have you seen anything that looks like the screenshots below?












































This means you have been infected with what is being called, XP Antivirus.† This is the number one pest out there and can eventually end up in reinstalling your Operating System and the possibility of loss of all of your data.† Your antivirus will not catch this and will not remove this badware.


Spyware is a big problem that I am seeing right now, but what is alarming, is how long people wait before calling in a professional to rid their computers of spyware and viruses.† The sooner that you call in a professional, the easier the repair will be, and the customer will save money because the technician will be able to fix their computers a lot quicker.


If you wait too long to call for help, spyware and viruses can take over your computer.† Sometimes the best way to repair your computer is to back your data up, wipe your hard drive clean and reinstall your operating system.† This can be very costly, and you will lose any programs that you do not have CDís for.† Unfortunately, reinstalling your operating system can be more cost effective that trying to spend hours removing spyware.† Sometimes spyware gets deeply imbedded in your operating system, and reinstallation is the only cure.


Prevention of course is the key, making sure you have a recent anti-virus software and keeping the software updated.† Having anti-spyware software is a key as well, and the nice thing about anti-spyware software, is that you can usually have more than one running at the same time without creating havoc like you would find having more than one Anti-virus software running.† It is also important in todayís wireless network world, to have a firewall running.† If you are running Windows XP, you should at least use their firewall, but I would recommend either purchasing a security suite, a stand alone software, or if you are strapped for cash, you can go to PC World or straight to the companyís website and download a free firewall called Zone Alarm.† If you are using a Windows operating system, make sure that you are always current on Windows updates as well as updating Microsoft Office.† Microsoft is constantly coming out with security patches to their software.††


I used to recommend Norton Antivirus, but the problem with Norton, is that it does not catch todayís spyware and viruses, and the biggest problem is that it does not remove it either.† I know some internet providers give out McAfee free to itís subscribers.† They claim they are saving you $130 a year for being so generous.† The problem with McAfee is that it is as bad or worse than Norton, and like Norton, uses up a ridiculous amount of memory, which can bring your computer to a crawl


What I have been using on my own personal computers at home is a free antivirus/antispyware software called Avast.† There are a lot of things that I like about Avast.† For one, it actively warns you of bad websites and actively catches todayís viruses and spyware.† It is also a lot gentler on memory, and has what is called a pre-boot scan that you can use to remove viruses and spyware before Windows starts.† Best of all, it is free.† You can also download Avast at Download.com ††


For more information about any computer related subject, check out my website www.davescomputerserv.com.† There are pages on a lot of subjects relating to computer issues, and I also add news and information daily as to the latest issues affecting the technology world.†


Utility software and prevention can help keep bad things away from your computer, but sometimes, you need a professional who can go deep into your operating system to remove unwanted programs on your PC.† If you still are having issues, like popups, your home page being hijacked, or your computer running slow, then call a professional as soon as possible.†


If the check engine light comes on your car, do you try to fix it yourself, or wait a couple of months to see if it goes away?† Some of us do wait, but we all know that the light is not going to go away, and the longer we wait, the more it is going to cost us to get the car fixed.† Computers are similar in this way, while much easier to fix that a car of course, when there is a problem that a normal user cannot and should not try to repair, the longer you wait, the more it will cost you.


There are a lot of good computer technicians out there, my suggestion is to find someone nearby who is reliable and has references.† I personally hate the big corporate companies; you know the ones with the silly looking cars.† The problem with these kind of places is that you never know who will be coming to your door, and they try to sell you products and services that you donít need.† They also charge you an arm and a leg just to walk into your home or business.† These types of companies also have a lot of turnover.


I prefer the friendly neighborhood computer guy, someone you can trust.† You wouldnít take your children to a doctorís office not knowing who the doctor will be each time you visit, would you?† You would want a doctor that you can build a relationship and that you trust.† While computers are not children, it is still important to find someone that you trust.† Do you want just anyone coming into your home, or do you want a familiar face that cares about you and your computer?† I have great relationships with my customers; we talk about family and other things going on in our lives.† I know it is comforting to them to see a friendly face at their door.† Do yourself a favor and call your local PC guy.


If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood computer guy in the North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago, give me a call.† If you want to learn more about me and my business, take a look at my Daveís Computer Services website.† There are interesting facts and some computer humor as well.† I believe that making people laugh is important, so I try to incorporate humor in life as well as my site.†





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