Dave’s Computer Services performs any kind of computer related issues that you may have.  Listed below are the most common issues that you may have.


· Virus and spyware removal

Using software and from years of spyware removal, we get rid of the         unwanted programs, software and viruses that slow down your computer and makes some programs non functional.  Spyware is the number 1 reason for service calls right now, it is a huge problem worldwide. 


For more information about spyware, viruses and other pertinent information, please view the question and answer page.      


· Wireless Network installation and repair  

     More and more families and business have the need for more than 

one computer.  Wiring a house of business with Cat5e cable can be costly and quite messy.  Wireless is the way to go, as it is easy to install and configure, and there are less wires to worry about laying on your floor.


We can  furnish you with the equipment, installation, and set up a network for you so that you can share printers and files throughout your house and/or business.  We also fix any wireless or wired problems that you are having as well.


· Hardware replacement and installation 

     Do you need a CD or DVD Burner installed or replaced? 

 We install or replace any kind of computer peripheral, Hard Drives,

any kind of CD device, Network Cards, etc.  We also install memory upgrades as well.  More memory can make your programs run faster and is especially needed if you have Windows XP as your operating system.          

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